Project Management

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Project Management

Even the most comprehensive contract documents and initial technical review in many cases is not enough to ensure proper fabrication accuracy and quality. This is why we would like to assign a project manager to each equipment order that we manage. The project manager will be engaged early in the bidding process and will follow the project through to the commissioning of the equipment on the jobsite.

We believe that having "boots on the ground" is crucial in assuring that all facets of fabrication and testing are performed with the utmost diligence. Our project managers will have in-country source inspectors that can provide real-time updates on earned value fabrication status, MTR review, testing reports and all other communication that your project team requires.

Consistent visibility to material procurement, fabrication status, inspection and testing, packaging for export and transportation status is key to aligning our clients with our network fabricators in assuring quality on time delivery and most importantly, building relationships for future growth opportunities!

Some of our project manager's responsibilities are:

•            Early engagement with client's project and engineering team

•            Compiling all documentation for bid event

•            Hosting project kick-off meeting with client and fabricator

•            Managing receipt of material and review of MTRs at fabricator

•            Performing weekly earned value reports for client's project team

•            Managing and reviewing all source inspections at fabricator

•            Performing checkout inspection prior to shipment

•            Managing in-bound logistics to job site

•            Partner with commissioning team to ensure proper on-stream results