Basket Strainers

Basket Strainers

Basket Strainers - Single/Sloping/Multi

- Sizes: 0.5" (15mm) to 78"+ (1980mm+)

- Flanged Ends ANSI, BS4504, DIN, BS10, JIS

-  BW Ends from Sched 40 to Sch 100 + Special Sched

-  Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel, S/S, Duplex S/S Alloy Steel or other materials available

-  Maximum pressure rating class 2500lb+ (172 BarG+)

Basket strainers provide a simple and effective method of protecting vital pipeline equipment and reducing expensive plant maintenance. The choice of the correct strainer and element will provide protection for your valves, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, flow meters and spray nozzles.