High Efficiency (Pilot Operated) Safety Valve

High Efficiency (Pilot Operated) Safety Valve

Pilot operated safety valves and supplementary loading systems for optimal tightness right up to set pressure.


- Pilot Operated Safety Valve:

- Piping between the pilot and main valves is integrated into the cover to prevent damage and     freezing

- Integrated Backflow Preventer as standard part

- Higher capacity than comparable size with extra orifices

- 20% less installation space than competitors' comparable models

- Supplementary Loading System:

- Higher operating pressures are possible

- Closing pressure difference of up to -3 %; opening process is independent of back pressure

- Functional test and valve adjustment possible during operation

- Max. 0.1 sec. for valve to open completely


- Oil and Gas Industry

- Chemical Industry

- Petrochemical Industry

- Power

- Technical Gases