Instrumentation TUBING

Instrumentation TUBING

Two ferrule compression tube fittings are designed to provide reliable leak-free connections for instrumentation, process and control, and analyzer applications. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these fittings are available in a broad range of sizes, corrosion resistant materials and configurations.

As standard, tube fitting are manufactured from heat code traceable 316 stainless steel. Other materials include 6Mo, Alloy 825, Alloy 625 and Alloy C-276. Straight fittings are machined from cold finished bar stock, while shaped bodies are machined from close grain forgings.


The fittings are available for imperial pipe sizes from 1/16” through to 2” O.D., and for metric sizes from 2 mm through to 25 mm O.D. An exceptionally wide choice of configuration styles includes:


  -  Tube to male pipe

  -  Tube to female pipe

  -  Tube to tube unions

  -  Port connectors

  -  Tube to O-ring seal

  -  Tube to welded systems

  -  Analytical fittings

  -  Barbed fittings

All fittings use an advanced two ferrule system for reliability and ease of make-up/disassembly. No special tools are required and the design ensures that all make and remake motion is transmitted axially to the tubing. There is no radial movement to stress the tubing, so its mechanical integrity is uncompromised.